Innovation & New Business Development

Cutting-edge technology needs to be more useful than a simple novelty.

At OhNoWire we turn technological breakthroughs to concrete innovation and business development.

We do so by employing our lean skills within arts, prototyping, programming and business together - and putting them to work with your deep domain knowledge, turning out ideas, prototypes and business plans that innovates and develops your business.

At OhNoWire we work with wireless, embedded, palpable and ubiquitous technology, social media, big data, infographics, digital signage, augmented reality, loud music and lots of creative energy.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows for the selective enhancement of our everyday world, by means of injecting context-relevant information and data into it.

Augmented Reality allows users to quickly get background information about real-life objects, and to interact with it on smartphones, tablets and digital signage.

At OhNoWire we work with state-of-the-art Augmented Reality methodologies and technology, which allow live and concurrent interaction with AR-enabled objects; effectively turning them into interactive objects to be explored.

Rapid Prototyping

Being able to innovate on new technology depends on the ability to rapidly prototype concepts, systems and devices.

At OhNoWire we believe that one of the best ways we may examplify our visions, involve our customers and optimize resource expenditure is to do rapid and iterative prototyping.

It is our experience that building early and often allows for that multi-sensory input and reflection, which is ever so important to grasp new technology.

Our toolkit for developing rapid prototypes includes:

Embedded devices (like Arduinos and Raspberry Pis) · Wireless networks (like WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth and 6lowPAN) · Sensors . Actuators · RGB LED displays · Sound transducers · Smartphones · Multi-touch devices · 3D spatial sensors (like Kinect) · Social software · Cloud computing · Big data analysis · Node.js · Dynamic programming languages · NoSQL databases · HTML5 technology · Infographics · And much more ;-)

Infographics & Digital Signage

Infographics are visuals conveying complex information, knowledge or data in a format and manner that is quickly and clearly comprehensible.

At OhNoWire we work with designing dynamic and interactive infographics for display on hi- and lo-fi displays (from 4K displays to low-res LED displays) and mobile devices.

Infographics often get special impact when shown on dedicated Digital Signage solutions optimized for the local environment.

At OhNoWire we create immersive Digital Signage solutions for companies, museums, festivals and other types of organisations, employing cutting-edge sensing and two-way technology, enabling direct user interaction with the displays.

Big Data

Big Data is a term perfect for showing up on anyone's bullshit radar these days.

As hyped as the term is, Big Data really describes nothing more than the insights which huge (and often disparate) datasets may present, along with the huge array of questions, problems and hair-pulling that arises with it...

Issues like how to obtain data, process data - and really how to make sense of it all - are stuff which dreams and nightmares are made of.

At OhNoWire we have first-hand experience working with Big Data in pragmatic ways, and we can help you skip the bullshit - and get straight into planning and building an operational Big Data infrastructure which gives you actual business value.


Wireless technology is one of the cornerstones of the present day geographically liberated communications, but to many, working with wireless technology stacks in product development proves a great challenge.

At OhNoWire we're adept at working with the intricate details of cutting-edge wireless technology stacks and protocols, such as protocols ZigBee and Bluetooth.

We don't simply work on top of the technology stack - we work within the stack, troubleshooting it as we go along.

We offer extensive protocol debugging and product development watchdog services in high-risk multi-supplier product development projects.

Thus we may help you mitigate the risk associated with such projects - allowing you to reach your business goals instead of succombing to technical problems along the way.